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A Shower Cubicle in Bathrooms – Choosing the right style

Home Improvement - admin - June 5, 2017

Of all the areas in a home, the kitchen and bathroom are the most important and used spaces.  It is essential these spaces, especially that of a bathroom are well designed.  To that end, the shower area is one of the things that a home buyer looks at. A well-designed shower cubicle accentuates a bathroom and also adds value to a home.

Things to consider:

Showers are efficient and convenient, in large and small spaces.  They are perfect as they can be designed as stand-alone, en suite in bathrooms, over a bathtub or also in a wet room.  Other factors to look at are:

  • Available space: Is the space available enough? Take into account the height and width in a bathroom. Well-designed showers will not look and feel cramped.
  • Positioning: Another factor to take into account is where it is placed – the corner, or the center of a room or is it in a separate area? This is necessary as it will determine the type of shower tray used. Drainage should also be factored in.
  • Type of glass: The kind of glass that one can use for the walls and doors will vary. Make sure that the best kind of tempered and toughened glass is used.  The cost will also play a role in the type of glass that is used. A well-designed shower will have edge protectors which prevent chipping and breakage.
  • Flooring: Shower cubicles can be designed to be used with or without trays. Trays make it easier to install doors and reduce the chance of leaks.  Cubicles and trays are available for purchase together making it easy for customers.
  • Tiles: Tiles are not always needed for the bathroom but in case one decides to do so, make sure that the inside walls of the shower area are tiled.  Take into account the tiles and the height of the area to be tiled. When a wet room is installed, make sure that the floor and walls are not only tiled well but also sealed to prevent leaks.
  • Left or right hand: When considering a shower area, make sure that the layout is drawn well and also which side the door will open. Make sure that windows and obstructions are taken into account.

A walk in shower is the best way to maximize available space. Pivot and sliding doors are good options as they cut down on space required.  Many plumbing and bathroom refurbishing companies offer packages that have all the elements required to install a shower cubicle quickly and efficiently.

Types of Showers:

There are a number of styles in showers to choose from like:

  • Frameless shower cubicle which leads them to any style of home
  • Glass and aluminum enclosures
  • Glass block enclosure
  • Sliding doors
  • Enclosed tubs
  • Multiple entrance enclosures
  • No doors
  • Framed enclosures
  • Tile and glass enclosures

Shower and Bath accessories:

Regardless of the style of shower cubicle, consumers can choose from a wide range of accessories to make their bathrooms stylish and comfortable. Choose from different types of outlets, handheld showers, shower heads, body jets and so on.  These are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials as well.

Making the decision:

Given the choices, it can either be very easy to pick the first one that catches your eye or become really difficult.  It is a good idea to take all factors into account and do it right.  The budget will always be a key issue along with space.  Do the necessary research and measure out space properly before installing. Also, account for the number of people who will use this space and their ages.

There are quite a few companies which will offer great designs and work with customers to optimize space.  Every component of a shower cubicle adds to the cost. Don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of costs before going in for a remodel.  If you are buying a home where the remodeling has already been done, it is a win-win situation.  Regular maintenance and checks will ensure that the investment pays off for the long term.  Buy the best possible quality available in the budget.

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