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So many shapes for a beautiful diamond

Fashion - admin - November 15, 2018

When you look at the beautiful jewels set in the various types various types of Diamond Engagement Rings you probably aren’t aware of the number of different ways and shapes that the diamond can be cut into. If you take a look at you can see a variety of these different styles.

Here are some of the shapes (cuts) that a diamond can be created into:


This is probably the most popular cut of diamond and is the one that the professionals are asked to create the most. It is thought that around 75% of the diamonds that are cut are done so into this round shape. Although they are the most popular shape, the round diamond is also amongst the most expensive. This is due to the fact that the demand is so high and also because when the round cut is made a lot of the rough diamond is wasted.


Similar to the round cut diamonds these oval ones produce similar light reflection, known as fire and the overall brightness of the diamond, known as its brilliance is the same. What differs is the fact that the elongated sides of the oval make the diamond look bigger. You often find oval cut precious stones encased with a number of much smaller round stones to create a flower like creation.


This cut of the diamond is the most popular amongst the fancy styles and is often used in Diamond Engagement Rings and was first created in the 1980s. Princess cut diamonds are incredibly flexible in terms of fitting into a variety of casing shapes and ring styles.


This cut of diamond combines both a square and round cut and has rounded edges on the square cut jewel. It has been a style of diamond cut that has been around for over 200 years and was once the most popular choice over the now popular round cut. The style is so named due to its pillow-like appearance.

There are numerous other cuts including radiant, heart shaped and emerald and choosing which style you want will depend on the event and person that you are buying the jewellery item for and also the jewellery item itself as some cuts will look more effective in pieces such as necklaces and earrings. If you are looking for a diamond ring you will find that all cuts fit into your ring of choice.

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Buy Abaya According to Your Body Type

Fashion - admin - April 11, 2018

If you are a Muslim lady, you know how dignified you look in Abaya. This is one of the most flattering dresses of Muslim culture that accentuates the modesty and sophistication of the Muslim women. Traditionally, Abaya is black and it covers your entire body, except your head. You can call it a black cloak. But, today women are getting fashion conscious and they are looking something unique while visiting modern Abaya store. Based on their search and requirement, fashion designers are coming up with colors and styles of Abaya that will suit you. Now, every woman has the unique body type. While shop Abaya online or from a retail store, if you look for the Abaya that will suit your body, you will look adorable in it. Let’s find out how to pick the right Abaya for your body-

  1. Buy Abaya according to Body Type

You have bought a beautiful Abaya and now that is completely misfit. There’s nothing to waste money like that. Therefore, know your body type and buy Abaya. Usually, women are of following body types-

  • Pear Shaped– It means you have a heavy You should choose an Abaya that is flowing at the lower portion, especially beyond the waist.
  • Hourglass– This is the best figure type every woman dreams of. You can choose any type of Abaya. A loose top with flared trousers will do.
  • Apple Shaped– As you are heavy busted, you should wear a loose fitted Abaya to get the modest look. Streamlined dresses will look flattering on you.

  1. Pick the Color

If you don’t want to wear traditional black Abaya and want to do certain experiments, you can pick the designer Abaya of amazing colors and designs. While choosing Abaya, you should pick the pastel shades or neutral tones of colors which can make you look more sophisticated. Baze, the cream rose, marina blue is so much in fashion. While picking colors for Abaya, you should make sure you get hijab of same or contrasting color to get the look.

  1. Choose the Fabric

Dressing up beautifully doesn’t mean only how amazing you look; rather, it means how beautifully you carry yourself. And that can be possible when you are comfortable in that dress. The fabric of your dress plays a crucial role in making you feel comfortable. You should choose the fabric according to the season. Cotton, silk, and linen are good for summer, while rayon, georgette, etc. can go well in winter.

  1. Never Over-Accessorize

This is an important tip while wearing Abaya. Abaya is a fully-covered dress. Therefore, carrying anything big with it will overpower your dress and make you look messy. So, if you are wearing Abaya, take a small clutch or purse with it. A stiletto will set the look while you can wear a simple but beautiful headwear.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to buy an amazing Abaya before your occasion. If buying online, you should buy from a reputed and recommended site, so that you can return it if there’s any problem.

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Hottest Male Models of 2017

Fashion - admin - January 24, 2018

The fashion industry has always been dominated by glamorous female models, who achieve the biggest publicity, job opportunities and pay cheques. Male models have never grabbed the headlines like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, but slowly they are getting more exposure thanks to fashion shows and social media. You might not know them by name but you’re sure to recognise them. Here are some of the top male models in the world right now:

  • The hottest model right now is Brazilian, Francisco Lachowski. He might be great at sporting the ‘boy next door’ look but his camera presence is totally captivating. He has been the face and body of high-profile campaigns for both Tommy Hilfiger and Balmain. Expect to see much more of this Brazilian beauty in 2018.
  • Sang Woo Kim is our very own home-grown boy. His family hail from South Korea but he was born in Britain and exudes a calm, cool vibe while sporting cheekbones to die for. He is a regular feature of men’s fashion weeks around the globe and has walked the catwalk for such big names as Dolce Gabbana and Burberry. Get your catwalk strut on this year with some new wardrobe essentials. For Mens Designer Clothes, visit
  • Another British babe is Kit Butler. He first entered the modelling world in 2015 and is adored for his fresh-faced student look. He is a favourite with many of the top designers, having worked with Emporio Armani and Ralph Lauren. With his sophisticated grace and charm, he appeared in a whopping 19 catwalk shows during the Autumn/Winter 2017 season.
  • Sean O’Pryis have a great time as his career has rocketed into making him one of the world’s most desirable and successful male models. He has appeared in cologne adverts and appeared alongside Taylor Swift in a music video. He is American, with a naturally rugged look and is a favourite in many magazines, especially GQ. He has worked with pretty much all the top design houses.
  • He’s been a judge on America’s Next Top Model but has an excellent resume as a model himself. Prior to appearing on the show, Rob Evans was an established model, working with such names as Moschino and Givenchy. Incredibly muscular and athletic, this British-born model was voted as one of the sexiest men alive by People magazine!
  • Armando and Fernando Cabral must come from a long line of great genes! The brothers are originally from Lisbon, Portugal but have been taking the world by storm with their suave demeanour and cool elegance. Armando was already a successful shoe designer and has been the face of H&M campaigns. Fernando has appeared on the catwalk for designers such as Givenchy and Rick Owens. He has also appeared in GQ magazine and advertising campaigns for Lacoste.
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What must you consider when you buy hair extensions

Fashion - admin - July 3, 2017

Most of the women today want to try out hair styles and does and up-dos that were once limited to celebs and actresses. In fact, they give a lot of prominence to hair as it is one natural asset that can be used to your advantage to enhance your looks. False hair, weaves whether human or synthetic are gaining quite the popularity as the demand for their supply has considerably increased. There are many easy means of buying such weaves, wigs, false hair, etc. online where you can come across many online stores dealing with hair products.

Whatever your hair type like straight or wavy, or texture or length or color you can find appropriate false hair that can be worn in various ways like clipping it with your hair or weaving it or sewing it or by other means. It all narrows down to the strength and length of your hair to pick the kind of false hair you would like to use.

Factors to consider while choosing a hair extension

When there are so many options available like weaves, wigs, bangs, etc for all types of hair, buying the right one for your hair becomes a little intimidating and tricky. But with few proper guidelines, you can choose the right kind of hair extensions that will help your style your hair as you have always dreamed and wish for.

Make sure that you never go for a lot of extensions as it may indicate the fact that you are actually using one. Keep it to a minimum of one and maximum of three for which you need to opt for the thicker variety.

Also, make certain that the false hair you buy can be washed and conditioned and whether you buy the synthetic one or the human one it must be able to withstand the heat of the curling irons if at all there is a need.

Pick the right brand

The brand really matters as you are assured of quality when you pick up a reputed brand. Check for factors like softness, strength, and durability which are assured by the supplying company or brand. After all, you do not want to sport a hair style with dull hair. The longer the supplier has been in the market, the better their product and thus seeks for noted companies in the field of hair products and false hair.

Check for another factor like the alignment of the cuticle whether it is uniform or not because uniform alignment means it is easy to style and is not prone to tangles and is easily manageable.

As the false hair come in various styles, before choosing the one you must consider your features like body type, the shape of your face, skin color, etc and pick up a style that will compliment you and enhance your good looks.

Give a consideration to the kind of hair you have while choosing a proper extension for the same

Most importantly, the trick in choosing the right kind of false hair or weave lies and completely depends on the kind of hair you have in terms of strength and thickness. There are various kinds of extensions that can be attached or sewed to your natural hair where you find clips, wraps, pre-tip-tied, etc. If you are opting to get the false hair sewed make sure that your hair is strong enough to withstand it and is at least two inches long. If you have very thin hair then you can opt for bonding for which your hair must be at least three inches long.

Be certain as to why you require the extensions whether you need it for highlighting a particular color or shade or to provide volume or to provide length and depending on your need choose the right kind of false hair or extension.

If extensions are used properly and integrated by professionally trained stylists they may not damage your scalp or hair. When buyers look for cheaper and unprofessional stylists that integrate hair haphazardly, it can cause damage to hair. There are several precautions you can take to protect yourself from damage that can be caused by color extensions. Choose the right type of hair of good quality and use the right integration technique.

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