Tracking your plant and assets

Tech - admin - March 21, 2019

When you’re in charge of the security of plant machinery, farming equipment and other assets of significant value, you’ll want to be backed up by some top of the range security measures. Theft is a massive problem, not just for car owners but for businesses as well, increasing their insurance premiums and causing disruption to production while waiting for replacement equipment.

One solution is the use of GPS plant tracking which has the double benefit of improving security measures and assisting with the needs of regular maintenance and servicing.

What can a GPS tracker do for your assets?

One of the most useful features is the identification of unauthorised use. An alert system notifies you straight away when any assets are being used out of normal expected usage times. Many also have a remote immobilising feature in case of unauthorised use, with the possibility to set automated immobilising times for set times of the day and week. If assets are detected as moving without the ignition being employed, a tow-away alert will be sent.

Understanding what your operating hours are and how long machinery is running for is crucial for scheduling maintenance and servicing. This important information can save you money in unexpected costly repairs or unreliable machinery, letting you get the best use of your fleet. Other data that can also be monitored includes battery voltage and other sensors. For Vehicle Tracking, visit

Here are some further benefits to a tracking system for your assets:

Control in real-time

Always have up to the minute information on the whereabouts of your fleet vehicles. With some trackers, you can have this information 24/7 and use any device to see this data. If anything of significance is noted, you will also receive email and text alerts when you are away from the screen.

Lower costs

With access to real-time data about your plant and assets, you can identify areas to lower fuel consumption, unnecessary mileage, surplus machinery and lower your insurance premiums. The savings on offer by having a tracker fitted means the device quickly pays for itself.

Greater efficiency

By receiving notifications to aid with servicing and maintenance, this process becomes less time-consuming and requires less administrative activity. Businesses can also become more efficient with the implementation of automated timesheets thanks to the data collected from a tracking device.

Increased security

A tracking device ensures that only authorised personnel are driving your vehicles. You can also have a remote immobilisation option should you get alerted of unauthorised movement.

Improved customer service

Tracking your fleet means you can provide customers with fast and accurate information on the status of deliveries and jobs for example. Your operations become much more reliable and transparent.

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Medical Pioneers – Marie Curie

Science - admin - March 21, 2019

One of the most famous pioneers of medicine is Marie Curie, who is remembered for her discovery of polonium and radium which provided hugely significant leaps forward in the fight against cancer.
She was born in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland and was the youngest of five children, born to a poor family. Her parents were school teachers, but after the death of her mother, there was no support financially, so Marie was forced to become a governess. With a passion for learning, she continued to read and study whenever she could.
Sadly, she could not enter the teaching profession as there was no money to pay for higher education. Relief came in 1891 however, when her sister gave her a place to live in Paris with the idea that she might attend university. She attended the Sorbonne where she studied Maths and Physics.

In 1894, she joined Pierre Curie, another scientist, and together they both became researchers for the School of Chemistry and Physics in Paris. They began to research the invisible rays emitted from uranium, which had recently been discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel. It had been demonstrated that rays could pass through solids, photographic film and fog which then caused the air to become a conductor of electricity.
Marie discovered that a mineral called pitchblende, containing uranium ore, was much more radioactive than pure uranium. The high readings must have meant that some other element was also in the pitchblende. As it had remained hidden thus far, the quantities must have been tiny. She became convinced that she had discovered a new element, although others doubted her beliefs.
Determined to continue their research, Pierre and Marie eventually extracted a black powder which was found to be 330 times more radioactive than uranium. Polonium had been discovered and was given atomic number 84.
Not giving up there, the Curies noticed that once they had extracted the polonium, there was a liquid left that was also highly radioactive. This was compelling evidence that another element was present in even lesser quantities. In 1898, the Curies published their evidence of this new element and called it radium, even though they still had no physical evidence of it.
Pitchblende was an expensive mineral because of its uranium content. Marie contacted a factory in Austria and purchased a few tonnes of the waste product which was cheaper and still more radioactive than pitchblende. She worked on a much larger scale in trying to extract the substances by a process of grinding, filtering, dissolving, crystallising and collecting.

It was tough and dangerous work, and soon the Curies began to feel unwell. It is understood nowadays that these were the early signs of radiation sickness. They never stopped their research, even working with sore, inflamed and raw hands from handling the radioactive materials.
By 1902, Marie successfully isolated radium after a long, dangerous and hard process.
The following year, both Marie and Pierre were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics, as well as Henri Becquerel for is separate work on radioactivity. Following the tragic death of Pierre in 1906, she continued her work and received a further Nobel Peace Prize in 1911 for developing a way to measure levels of radioactivity. Be a medical pioneer in your own way and participate in Paid Research Studies with
Marie Curie worked to develop a mobile x-ray unit that could be used to diagnose injuries on the battlefronts of the First World War. She led the Red cross Radiological Service, touring Paris asking for donations, vehicles, money and supplies. Towards the end of 1914, her mobile units, known as ‘Petits Curies’ were ready for service. Both Marie and her daughter worked at field hospitals near the front line, using the x-ray machines to locate the bullets, shrapnel and fractures of injured soldiers.

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Make your shifting process less painful for yourself, follow these plans after you move

Home Improvement - admin - February 28, 2019

Moving to a new house is no doubt one of the most hectic things where you have to handle so many works at one time. Along with that, most of the people do damages when they are moving and shifting.  That’s why it’s important to take care of your stuff. Apart from that, the whole process is also tiring and can cause lots of muscles and other pain.  For saving yourself from such a situation, you should have some plans and ideas regarding how you are going to proceed with the shifting process.  Not just that, here are a few points that you should consider too.

Things to do when you move to another house

There is no doubt that moving in the new house always cause body ache and other pains, especially in backbone and feet. Well, for reducing that you can buy things from UK Direct Shop. Not just that, make sure you have a perfect plan so you don’t have to face such pain in the future.

# Start with unpacking but in order 

The biggest mistake people do is to unpack everything at once which not just make lots of chaos but also make you confused.  Make sure that before you packed the stuff you marked which thing belongs to what. Well if you have done it already, then unpacking will be easy for you. First, shift the boxes to the rooms where they belong, and start the unpacking one by one. It will keep the hassle away and you can do the work much easier way.

# For the next day, start with what you need

Doing all thing in one day is nearly impossible an also not good for health. That’s why divide your work for two or few more days. Well for day two, start with the list of things that your new house need. Like what you need for cleaning, storage, and other things.  Make sure your storage is full so you don’t have to face any kind of weird situation.  Not just that, it will keep the work short too.

# Choose your kitchen first for organizing

The kitchen is the first and most important part that needs to be organizing first. Also, it’s impossible to work if your kitchen is still in the box, lots of people order food from outside during the time when they move. Well if your kitchen is organized, at least you don’t have to do that.  It will help you in staying healthy and also reduce lots of hassle that you might face.

# now move the appliances you have

Apart from that, appliances are another most important part when it comes to setting it up.  That’s why it’s important to take special care of appliances when you are packing them. It will help you in understanding and making the appliances safe while you install them. Not just that, you can ask for help when you are installing the appliances so it can be done in an easy way and safe too.

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Newborn baby care – Basics to consider

Health - admin - February 13, 2019

Baby Life Blog

During pregnancy, baby care classes can help you understand the real hassles. Like feeding and diapering a baby doll is not the same. It is different and handling should be quite smooth. Apart from baby care classes, you can get some more guidance from the nurses to help with basic baby care. If you do not understand the basics perfectly, ask nurse once again in detail. The basic baby care nurses will teach you more about it in detail. Do not hesitate if you do not understand. It is about your baby. Caring for the baby is your responsibility. You need to understand the comfortable aspect towards babies. The basic concerns include

  • Handling the baby with proper support
  • Changing baby diaper
  • Giving bath to the baby
  • Dressing up your baby
  • Swaddling baby
  • Feeding and burping the baby
  • Cleaning the umbilical cord
  • Healing the circumcision
  • Cleaning nasal passage with bulb syringe
  • Soothing baby
  • Understanding new born temperature

Baby Life Blog

 With the help of nurse understand the basic concerns. If you are not able to understand well, then there are many online baby care sites like Baby Life Blog. These blogs will have the detailed list of doing for new born babies. These babies blog will guide through various upbringing of child. Child upbringing is important for a parent. They have to concentrate on their health and body. The body and health nature is based on how the baby is taken care during its newborn stage. You handling will make the shape of the child face and body. The bones are fragile with newborn. So take care of the baby with care to give them a healthy future.

As a parent it is your sole responsibility. You need to care for the baby and understand them with their daily activity. For this you should have few basic understanding about the baby life. Like if the baby is crying, you should be able to understand why he/she is crying. The bonding should be made with the child to understand and sooth the baby while crying. Along with baby care, mother care is also important to feed the baby healthy milk. As the baby should be feed with mother milk for few days, she should be able to feed. For this, mother should have healthy body. Post natal care should be done to have mother and baby with good health condition.

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Four popular window styles

Home - admin - February 1, 2019

If you are replacing the windows in your home or possibly choosing windows for an extension or a new-build property, you will need to consider which style to select.
Choosing the right style of window for your property can be tricky, but if you take a drive around the local area you can see the type of windows Dublin properties similar to your home have installed.

There are four main styles of windows and we will explore these options here.

Casement window

Casement windows have been a popular choice of the window through the centuries. These windows consist of a mainframe with windows attached by hinges at the side, the top or bottom. Casement windows are functional and one of the most popular styles of window.

Sash window

Sash, or vertical sliding, windows have a moveable section that travels upwards and downwards. Sash windows regained popularity around twenty to thirty years ago when homeowners decided to restore or replace the original style of windows in keeping with their property’s original style.


Modern sash windows are available in uPVC and aluminum, which can provide a more energy efficient and low maintenance alternative to traditional wooden sash windows. This is worth considering when, according to the BBC, nearly 20% of a home’s heat is lost through its windows.

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and turn windows can provide a secure way of airing a room, thanks to multiple locking points. This can be useful in the summer when you may wish to have a window open overnight. They also allow the outside of the window to be easily cleaned from the inside when fully turned.

Bay window

Bay windows are often used as a focal point for one particular room, possibly the living room. They often come with side openers. The bay that is formed inside the room can be used as a reading area or garden window. A bay window can also make a small room appear larger.

Even if you think you have chosen your windows Dublin has a range of showrooms, such as which are always worth visiting to compare the different styles and colors as well as when deciding upon installation.

Once the work has been completed, you can sit back and enjoy your windows, happy in the knowledge that you considered all options beforehand.

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This has to get to Marrakesh by the end of the week!

Business - admin - February 1, 2019

Then it has to go by air mail, or at least it did in the past. If some post had to get somewhere fast then this was the answer especially as it took so long to get something anywhere by ship, which could take weeks. Airmail was sent on the understanding that at some point it was going to be delivered using an aircraft. It was a different service beyond the traditional methods as using aircraft was quite new and much faster. To send something “Par Avion” (the service for a Universal Postal service was conducted in French as agreed in 1929) would shrink the postal world.

There are several incidences of mail being sent by air before the twentieth century. Homing Pidgeon’s had long been used but you could only send short messages that could fit on the bird’s leg. Packages were a no go as it was impossible to organise the birds to fly together. The very first example of real Airmail was on the 7th January 1785. A letter from William Franklin (the son of North American patriot Ben Franklin) was sent to his son also called William Franklin. It was probably moaning about why he wasn’t writing back and about the British in the USA. It was carried over from Dover to Calais successfully reaching its recipient.

The same balloonist Jean Pierre Blanchard made a bit of career out of delivering letters by White North American Independence heroes as he also took a letter written by George Washington on a flight from Philadelphia to Deptford New Jersey in 1793. This was the first letter delivered by air in North America. Washington hedged his bets a little by addressing it “to whom it may concern” and telling Blanchard to give it to the first person whose backyard he landed in. We don’t know who got it but the look on their face must have been priceless as a Frenchman descended from the skies and then gives them a letter and saying to them “Bonjour! Ceciest de votre President!”   The first actual official delivery in North America by John Wise in 1859 although bad weather meant that it had to complete the journey by train.

Using balloons was big part of getting messages out of Paris in the Franco-Prussian war. The Germans surrounding the city could do nothing but watch and fire their ineffective rifles at the balloons overhead as the floated off to the French forces. At least they could console themselves that “Where are you!” and “Send food and troops now!” was probably the only thing that was being sent out.

Airmail opened up the world to Same day Courier Service businesses like and have meant that today they can offer their services across the globe as well as in their national and local regions. Who knows where the future will take our beloved courier services?

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Access every centimeter of warehouse with mezzanine racking

Shopping - admin - January 30, 2019

warehouse with mezzanine racking

Warehouses are built with higher ceiling height which will have more air space equally to the floor space. When you want to access every centimeter of the warehouse, then racking system is the best option. You can access the entire space throughout warehouse with mezzanine racking. This will help in accessing the entire height of warehouse which in turn multiplies the storage space. This offers an economical utilization of space. When you are in the idea of using optimal space utilization then you have to consider about the mezzanine system to install. Mezzanine is the ideal option that comprise modular system component. This is easy to integrate into the existing space. With access to this, you will have increased storage in lesser premise cost. When you shift the warehouse, it is easy to disassemble and reuse by installing into the new circumstance.

It can be designed with endless features. Mezzanine system is safe and compact. With the use of superblock mezzanine flooring, we can experience various versions of chipboard, different range of coating, standard and high level compression, fire protection, wire mesh and steel panel mezzanine flooring. With the installation of mezzanine in warehouse, you can experience the following benefit.

installation of mezzanine in warehouse


Storage will not be an issue

This is a bigger problem faced by many distributors and manufacturers. If your business is based on the production line and other shipping related works then you need a compact warehouse. It should hold all the material within the space in ease of access. This concept can be substantial with the space requirement. But it is important to keep up the products in the proper management. So consider accessing the mezzanine racks.

Stay within the current warehouse

If you are running out of space in current warehouse, then it is considerably better choice to check out for extending the storage space. It is not needed to relocate to other warehouse to get space. Instead installing racking system is a convenient option. This makes you access the available space within the existing warehouse.

Access mezzanine floored racking system to have convenient space usage. This is the best option to explore air space.

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How to use corporate videos for your brand’s storytelling?

Business - admin - January 30, 2019

use corporate videos

Brand video storytelling has become popular these days. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have embraced it as well as the technology surrounding it. The price points have come down on how to keep up with this change have also come down. Moreover, audiences have come to expect it as a way of communication.

In a 2014 survey by Levels Beyond, about 40% of consumers prefer watching a brand video rather than read the same information. This gives brands an awesome opportunity to tell their story in a compelling way.

The Power of Using a Brand Video

Video marketing is not just a fad. It will continue to be a powerful way for brands to form a connection with their audience. They can use it as a medium to build an emotional connection.

Besides being visually stimulating, it also elicits an emotional reaction from the viewers. It happens when your audience views a video or watches a story. During this event, their emotions can actually start to mirror what’s on screen – it’s the same physical reaction you feel when you watch a scary movie.

Creating Customer Satisfaction

Social media make it easier for your audience to review your product or service. And these days when cannot identify real reviews from fake ones, we trust our peers and families more than ever to tell us whether a product is good or not. This forces companies to be more careful with their reputation by making sure they offer quality service and manage reviews properly. As a brand, you can also use your own story of satisfied customers. Share their best opinion about your brand, what they got, and how it has improved or resolved their problems in life. Here are tips on what your video should be about for it to be a hit:

brand video

It Should Solve a Problem

To really connect with an audience, you need to relate back to them or the things they worry and care about. Some of the best brand stories are driven by the desire to solve a specific problem your target audience are struggling with.

It Should Be Honest

Today’s viewers know what is real from fake. They can easily find out if you are true to your brand’s values. Therefore, you want to embrace honesty and show your brand as it really is. It can be one of your strengths and your audience will trust you more once they see that you work based on this awesome value.

It Should Stand Out

No matter how highly budgeted your video is, if it is indistinguishable from its competition, then it will not be as effective as you wish it would be. Your corporate video has to uniquely represent your brand for it to help you to stand out among your competition.

It Should Connect Emotionally

As mentioned above, emotional connection helps you elicit emotional reaction from your audience. It drives many of your audience’s purchasing decisions so you want it to be a formula in your corporate videos.

If your staff members are already swamped with tasks or do not have the skills to finish the task, turn to Reelmedia Ptd Lte. They have years of experience in producing quality videos and helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals.

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How to Keep Home Cleaning Sponges Cleaned & Disinfected?

Home Improvement - admin - January 22, 2019

Would you clean your silverware with a dirty rag? No? Then why would you even think that your smelly cleaning sponge is sanitary enough for regular use? Similar to a dirty rag, a kitchen sponge is the breeding ground for several microorganisms that include bacteria, mould and yeast. As per studies, 90% of the time when a household witnesses a sudden bout of illness in its family members, the reason could be a dirty cleaning sponge.

A kitchen sponge needs to be cleaned to keep not only your plates and kitchen utensils free from contaminants but also your food as well. On top of that, it is best to keep on replacing your kitchen sponge with a new one after every two weeks. With that information in mind, if you want to get your hands on high-quality kitchen sponges, you can buy it here.

Here is a ‘DIY’ trick that doesn’t really work on a dirty cleaning sponge:

The internet is filled with several Do It Yourself hacks which ‘claims’ that when followed could effectively disinfect a dirty cleaning sponge. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Soaking the dirty sponge in a bleach and water mixture
  • Dousing the cleaning sponge in an excess of lemon juice
  • Spraying the cleaning sponge with hydrogen peroxide.

For your information, several independent studies have proven time and again that none of the above mentioned ‘hacks’ is effective when it comes to disinfecting a dirty cleaning sponge.

A few cleaning methods that DO work:

Microwaving your sponge

As per the results put forth by the ARS, microwaving your cleaning sponge can kill about 99 % of the bacterial or microbial growth within the same. You can also dip you cleaning sponge in boiling water and keep it there for at least 10 minutes. Boiling your cleansing sponge causes microbial cells to explode thereby cleaning them instantly.

Rinse the cleaning sponge well and make sure that it is free from any residual food particles. Put the wet cleaning sponge in the microwave and set the temperature of the device on high. Set the timer for 2 minutes. Make sure that the sponge is cool enough to handle when you decide on removing it from the microwave. Rinse out any remaining water from the sponge and let it air dry. Be sure to clean the microwave after you are done disinfecting the cleaning sponge.

Running your sponge through your dishwasher

Get rid of any residual food particles from the cleaning sponge and don’t forget to squeeze it dry. Place the sponge on the top rack of the dishwasher and set the same on full wash and dry setting. It is best to repeat the process for at least once a day.

Vinegar bath

It is an environmentally friendly and easy method where you will be soaking the cleaning sponge in a bath of full-strength vinegar for about 5 minutes. The results are better if you choose to soak the sponge in the vinegar bath overnight. Dry the sponge by either letting it into the sun or air dry – as per your convenience.

As per the opinion of the ARS (or Agricultural Research Service’s Food Technology and Safety Laboratory), even if you subject the above-mentioned methods to clean your dish washing sponge, around 90 per cent of the microbes that was residing in the same are still alive. It is enough for you and your loved ones to fall ill very quickly from foodborne diseases. Make sure you disinfect the cleaning sponge before and after using the methods mentioned above for best results.

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Common Places Where Safety Barriers Plays An Important Role

Shopping - admin - January 17, 2019

Safety Barriers

There are some places where the safety of the employees, passengers, goods and staffs are required. For this, safety barriers are placed everywhere. A safety barrier is important safety equipment that helps in preventing the passage to the restricted or dangerous areas. Right from docking yards to parking lots, these safety barriers are installed in different places for safety concerns. There are different types of barriers that find their common application in different places.

Here’s a list of common places where safety barriers are installed for playing an important role. These places include:

Barriers on road and at construction sites

Road, building, bridges and many other construction sites require the installation of safety barriers as they help in the diversion of the traffic to a new route. The barriers not only prevent congestion on the roads but also give full visibility from far. Along with this, there are times when road mishaps or accidents create chaos and traffic jam on the road. To direct and control the traffic, safety barriers are used. In short, it can be said that these barriers are installed for ensuring that every job is conducting as per planned and increasing the safety.

Use of barriers in parking areas

There’s no doubt that parking areas are one of the riskiest places where there are greater chances of accidents and collision with the pillars. This happens because of congestion and narrow passage. While reversing or turning the vehicles, there are more chances of collision. Because of these reasons, safety barriers are installed in parking areas to lower the accidents and collision while reversing or turning the vehicles. Barriers play an important role in parking areas as they give an organised path to the vehicles.

construction sites

Great application in warehouses and factories

Another common place where safety barriers play an important role is the factories and warehouses. You’ll find a number of loading vehicles, equipment and goods everywhere in the factory premises. There are chances of collision of vehicles with goods and employees. Thus, there’s a need to consult professionals like Verge Safety Barriers for installation of barriers that will give a proper passage and restrict the passage to the dangerous areas.

The important role of barriers at airports

Airport and freight terminals are some common places where you’ll find a number of luggage, goods, and people. These places can be chaotic sometimes thus to manage the traffic flow, barriers are placed everywhere in the airports. Right from security check in to luggage counter, every place in the airport is installed with barriers. Similarly, these barriers are used at fright terminals for providing safety to the cargo as well as the workers. A lot of hustle bustle can be seen at Airport and that too on daily basis. Installing safety barriers make sure the safety of all people.

Safety barriers are of great importance in term of safety and preventing entry to the restricted areas. These barriers are used in a number of places for providing safety to the workers, employees, and goods. Some of the common places where these barriers play an important role are constructions areas, roads, airports, factors and warehouses.

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